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GCEC New Frontiers: Bangkok Summit 2024!


This will be the first Asia-based summit officially endorsed by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) and hosted by the Sasin School of Management. We will offer participants a unique opportunity to explore the “New Frontier” discuss the latest trends in entrepreneurship, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. This way, we hope to align Sasin stakeholders with our School’s aspiration: to inspire; connect; transform…. for a better, smarter, sustainable world.

How is the Bangkok summit different from the usual GCEC?


Plase visit our Agenda page for your reference.

What is the event schedule, and when will it be available?


You can become a GCEC member and buy tickets via this link

How do I register for the GCEC 2024 Bangkok Summit?


Please visit our Newsletter and subscribe. We will keep you updated.

How can I receive updates or notifications about the event?


Please refer to schedule below for topic timeline:

Topics submission deadline    16 February 2024
Result by                                       11 March 2024

What is the timeline for topic submission ?


The short answer is YES. However, the process will be on a different reviewing track, and announcement will be made later. 

Can you still submit the topics once the deadline passed?


The initial submission deadline of February 16th, followed by a review procedure and confirmation on March 11th, is now closed. 

However, you can still submit special submissions related to sponsorship, submissions by invitation, or if you missed the deadline, but the evaluation and confirmation procedure and schedule are different.
Please re-register for a new account if you prefer to submit several topics.

As we gear up for the upcoming GCEC New Frontier: Bangkok Summit 2024, we would like to inform you about a slight adjustment in our protocol regarding topic submissions. After careful consideration and to streamline the review process, we have decided to open topic submissions in two distinct phases. The primary reason behind this change is to enhance efficiency and ensure a fair evaluation for all submissions as follows;

  1. Separation of Groups: We have identified the need to categorize submissions into two main groups - the first group comprises those submitted before February 16th, and the second group includes late submissions or those falling under special categories (Sponsorship, Invitations, and Delayed Submissions).

  2. Official Review Group: Submissions received before February 16th will be placed in the official review group. This allows our review committee to commence the evaluation process promptly, ensuring ample time for thorough assessment and feedback.

  3. Late/Special Category Group: Submissions received after February 16th, including sponsorships, invited presentations, and delayed submissions, will be placed in a separate group. This approach allows us to give these submissions the attention they deserve without impacting the timely review of the main group.

  4. Fair Evaluation: By implementing this two-phase submission process, we aim to maintain fairness in the evaluation process. Early submissions can benefit from a thorough review, while late submissions or special categories receive the focused attention required.

  5. Enhanced Communication: This new protocol will also help us communicate more effectively with participants, sponsors, and invitees, ensuring everyone knows the revised timeline and expectations.

This adjusted protocol will contribute to a smoother and more organized review process, ultimately leading to a successful GCEC New Frontier: Bangkok Summit 2024.


 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact


Why is GCEC open for topic submission after February 16, 2024?
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